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Logging Time Meters
These Logging Time Meters record the amount of time an electrical device is on. Infrared technology is used to transmit data to a handheld reader for subsequent transfer to a computer serial port . Eliminates redundent manhours and mistakes copying and entering data.
This Universal Data Logger allows logging of serial data into one mega-byte of storage. Allows data to be presented to spreadsheet programs for load analysis. Maskable and multiple interval selection.


These Light Time Meters (LTMs) are instruments designed to record the amount of time an electrical device is turned on. An LTM uses lithium batteries to supply operating power for 3 years. Time is accumulated with a resolution of one second and passed, along with a 4 digit identification number, to handheld readers via infrared transmission.

The hand-held reader then conditions the time for display in the desired format of XXXXX.X, giving hours and tenths of hours. The LTMs are non-resetable and all weigh less than 4 ounces. A visual red LED and an infrared transmitter are integral parts of each LTM


The UDL(Universal Data Logger) is a portable, one-megabyte memory, storage device that records input data from up to two RS232 transmitting devices. Recorded data can then be downloaded to a computer file for subsequent viewing or for input into a spreadsheet program. The UDL is self contained and programmable from its' own front panel.

The UDL filters the incoming data, records the data at programmable time intervals, then Time/Date stamps the record event. The UDL has the ability to filter out selected fields of incoming data as instructed by a user-programmable mask. The mask also allows for definition of input field delimiters. The user also sets up the desired interval for logging. This allows the user to log only the data fields needed at a desired interval thereby conserving memory and reducing the overall size of a file.

Primary power is provided by a 120-volt AC to 12VDC adaptor. Supplemental power is provided by four AA batteries.


One megabyte
UDL to computer interface.
Terminal program capable of receiving ASCII data thtough RS232 port.
Data rate to logger.
1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19.2K baud rates.
Battery life.
Variable depending on recording interval and transmitting device output frequency.

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